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About YummCloud

The start-up was found in September 2017. YummCloud (https://www.yummcloud.com ) is an Uber-like platform that enables “Chiefs” or just people who can cook delicious home-made food with an opportunity to sell it to people, who are looking for local and healthy eating. 

Apart from cafes and restaurants, the platform allows for anyone to become chief of their own and start selling their delicious food without the complications of setting up their delivery network, e-commerce and payments processing. All that is taken care of by the platform.

Client’s goals

Founders of YummCloud called us as a rescue team, the project was going nowhere in terms of the development with the big launch of the MVP due in two months. 

Our initial goal was to refactor the back-end code, refactor the iOS and Android apps, fix all the critical bugs and set-up a production environment that would allow delivering a set of features, required for the planned MVP.

We were able to put a team together in under a week; initially, it consisted of an iOS developer, Android developer, and a QA engineer. Later we added a back-end and a front-end developer for admin panel updates. The MVP consisted of Admin panel for user management, a mobile app marketplace for “chiefs” and clients, backend with delivery API and payment processing.

Project challenges

There were two most significant challenges to overcome: timing and the fact that we had to build on the top of the existing code, not documented and poorly structured.

Our first step was to re-organize the project and processes related to delivering of new functions and deploying to production. Once we refactored the code and fixed all the major bugs, we were able to start delivering the new features, required for the successful launch of the MVP.

As a result, we have successfully delivered all the features of the MVP and founders of YummCloud were able to meet the deadlines, set by their investors. They are now preparing to close the next round of investment to prepare the international launch of the product.






Amazon S3

Admin side




Client Apps

Android (JAVA)

iOS (Swift)



SMS notifications

Payfort Payment Processing

Delivery Service

Team and Timeline


April 2018 -> Now


1 back-end developer (Lavarel), 1 front-end developer, 2 mobile developers, 2 QA engineers

Project results

  • The successful launch of an MVP
  • Establishing a strong foundation for future project development
  • Preparation for the next round of investment
  • Preparation for international expansion, integration of delivery and payment APIs for the Chinese market.
  • Currently re-designing the architecture of the currency-conversion system for international versions of the application.

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