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For a new client who approaches a freelance designer or agency to create a website or modify existing pages, it can be difficult to understand the final price. Many design agencies have complex pricing, which is not completely transparent.

Often, clients are faced with the fact that at the end of the month, they receive a bill for services that is much more than they expected. For this reason, the usual pricing per web development service is becoming obsolete and is being replaced by the web design subscription model because of its ease of use. Below in the article, we will tell you what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are for the clients.

What is a web design subscription model?

A design agency subscription model is a business model where clients pay a recurring monthly fee for unlimited web design services instead of a one-time flat rate for specific services. This model is becoming more and more popular, and many freelance web designers and full-cycle agencies are adopting it. 

How does the web design subscription model work?

For the client, the difference between subscription services and fixed prices for website design services is that in the first case, the client pays an amount per month and receives all the necessary services within the paid tariff without additional payments.

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By the way, 70% of business leaders say subscription models will be key to their prospects in the years ahead. Here's how this approach works:

  1. A client pays a monthly fee according to the selected tariff.
  2. They can choose the level of support and services they need each month and adjust their subscription accordingly.
  3. Web designers provide all the necessary services to the website.
  4. The client can receive regular updates on the work that is being done within a month.

Benefits of subscribing to web design models

Subscription models provide a lot of benefits both for designers and clients. Below, we'll focus more on the benefits for customers. 

  • Long-term relationships with contractors – that means you don't need to think about hiring different experts for different tasks. You simply know that the work will be done within a month.
  • Higher level of service – design agencies and freelancers are interested in getting paid regularly. Thus, they work on each task thoroughly and keep the satisfaction rate high.
  • Ongoing website maintenance and updates – your platform is kept up and running for a fixed price.
  • This pricing model can be more affordable for clients who cannot afford a large upfront cost.
  • Predictable expenses and cost savings – you always know the final sum for each month, whatever design services you need. 
  • Access to expertise – you get high-quality design services from an expert team. The composition of the team may change from month to month, depending on the assigned tasks.

Web design subscription model results

As a result of signing up for a web design subscription, the client receives website updates and all the requested services, from website layout creation to minor content changes. In addition, they can plan their budget in advance and access the expertise of web designers and customer support.

This approach allows you to foster long-term relationships and find a team of experts who will do all the work concerning your website. All you need to do is pay a monthly fee and decide on the scope of work that needs to be done in the specific period. Then, relax and enjoy the results.

Examples of web design subscription models

Hallwil is a web design agency that switched to the web design subscription model a few years ago, so we can serve as an excellent example of this approach. We offer three pricing plans for contract-based web design with a fixed price per month. Each pricing plan includes a certain number of work hours by our specialists.

During these working hours, we perform any web design tasks agreed upon with our project manager. Depending on the tasks outlined for the month, the composition of the team working on your project may change.

Our clients receive transparent pricing, the expertise of our team, all the necessary web design services, and an individual approach. Most of our clients cooperate with us on a subscription model for several months in a row.


Web design subscription models are a great way to get the services you need to create or modify a website for a fixed price. This approach allows companies to know the project's final price in advance without unpleasant surprises.

Clients and web design agencies collaborate for a long period, communicating effectively and not wasting time on budgeting and invoicing. This method of collaboration is beneficial to all parties.


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