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Webflow has proven to be a powerful tool in building flexible and efficient digital tools. That’s why it is one of the main technologies we use. With Webflow we deliver customizable products that will match your vision and adapt to the growing needs of your business.
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First let’s have a look at how we, here at Hallwil, have organized the development process. Then we’ll elaborate a bit more on what’s so good about Webflow.

Development Process

The brief

It all begins with a meeting where we ask you a lot of questions. This helps us come up with a detailed brief to document all the requirements. God is always in the details, remember?

The brief is a starting point, so we need to make sure we are on the same page. Proper documentation is half the battle.

Creating prototypes

Simply put, it’s a sample or a simulation of the future product.

The goal is to test and validate the ideas before they are developed. It allows one to identify pain points, gaps, or discrepancies before they are implemented.

Making changes to a ready-made product may be expensive and not that easy. So fixing the weak point during the design phase - is a must.

Development itself

Hallwil’s design team wraps up designs. Based on the previous two phases, we create screen designs and responsive screen layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Once you say you like them, we are proceeding to the next step.

High-fidelity design

The product design comes to life. We use Webflow to implement the solution.

Quality assurance

We test the app to make sure it meets the requirements. We perform various kinds of testing to check all the components and functionalities.

The development team fixes the bugs spotted by the QA team. Now we are ready to launch.


Hurray, the app is live!

It’s available for users. We monitor everything closely to make a few tweaks (if needed) and to ensure smooth performance.

Project hand-off

We transfer the app’s files and assets to you.

How Can A Webflow Solution Make Your Life Easier?

The short answer is “In many ways”.

Webflow helps increase website conversions, improve customer experience, and scale faster. From a bit more technical side, here are its advantages:

Handy visual editor
It’s a huge relief for website owners
Build better
You don’t need to be tech-savvy to edit the content
Unlike WordPress, Webflow guarantees hacking protection
Load time speed
Apart from obvious benefits, it’s good for SEO
No need...
No need to purchase and configure hosting
How much does a Webflow website cost?

It depends solely on the website requirements. We’ll be able to tell you the approximate price range after we finalize the brief. It’ll help you to plan your budget and expectations accordingly.

How long does it take to build a Webflow website?

From our experience, Webflow development takes from two to five weeks after the designs are done.

What's the cost to maintain a Webflow website?

Zero. Thanks to the platform specifics, you need no extra investment to maintain the project. Wondering if Webflow is the right tech foundation for your business? Don’t hesitate to ping us. We’ll figure that out together.

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