What is a no-code agency?

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Hallwil is a business-oriented no-code agency that makes the most of the technology to help our clients launch, transform, and scale. Only efficiency and implementation of innovative codeless technologies will help the business flourish.
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No-code solutions

Our company leverages the latest tech represented by no-code tools and platforms to develop cost- and time-efficient products that help businesses make it to the market, grow and scale.

We prepare absolutely all startups projects on a turnkey basis - they are visually relevant. We do the work faster than competitors, that's our advantage.

Arriving at a no-code agency concept was a considered decision for us. And there are good reasons for it.

Let’s face it: digital presence is a must for any business today, regardless of the domain. What has also become clear is that just launching a website or an app, — is not enough. As the company keeps evolving, so should its digital product.

Professional developers

That’s why, as a team of professional developers, designers and managers, we have come to realize that we need solutions that accelerate the development process and are agile enough to implement any possible changes in the future.

No-code web design

No-code approach allows both software engineers and non-technical users to create and manage applications for various needs. No-code web design is another advantage of this platform. One can create and customize the look and feel of the software without any code adjustments. It’s a valuable feature especially at the early design stages. That is why our no-code development agency offers such a customized and unique service.

Here are some of the projects types that we do via no-code approach:

• Membership Platforms
• Visual attractive Marketplaces
• Learning Management Systems
• Online Education Hubs
• Subscription-based businesses
• SaaS MVPs
• Startups of various types
• Custom Dashboards with multiple APIs and complex logic
• Internal digital tools
• And anything you can imagine

As a no-code agency, we are levering such powerful no-code tools to provide our customers with custom solutions:
Can no-code work for Enterprise companies?

Yes. No code platforms can fundamentally shift how enterprises create their applications. Complex workflows can be implemented in a more cost-effective way and within a shorter timeline. No code tools’ benefits for enterprise companies include quicker delivery, shorter time to the market, and more seamless experience. No-code also allows the departments and teams within the business to bridge the communication gaps. No code solutions boost transparency and cross-team collaboration. This said, nothing “gets lost in translation”. On the whole, no code tools are robust and streamlined enough to keep pace with the changing world. Considering no-code for your website? Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We are always happy to chat!

How do you work?

First, we meet to get to know your business and analyze your needs. Based on this, we select the most suitable tech stack, produce the scope to come up with the specification document that describes in detail every aspect of work and hours allocated to it. Once we agree on the end result, budget and timeline, we sign the agreement, and kick off the development! To keep you in the loop, we discuss the most convenient way for you to stay updated on the project progress. Whichever works best for you: be it weekly or bi-weekly progress calls, regular email updates or a project tracking system like Trello or Asana. Every sprint is followed with a thorough QA progress to ensure flawless performance and smooth launch.

How quickly can I get something launched?

On average no code development takes %40 - %60 less than traditional coding. Yet, keep in mind that every business is indeed individual, so feel free to ping us for a chat to find out your options. Once we have an idea of your needs, we’ll be able to produce a quote to give you an understanding of what your product launch timeline can be.

What does 'no-code' mean?

As the term suggests, the no code approach implies no coding or little coding to build an application, update and customize it. This means that business employees that don’t have the necessary technical or coding knowledge can easily operate and adjust the app to reply to the constantly growing business needs.

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