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Will my Webflow site be easy to administer?
Of course! Webflow has a fairly simple admin panel, and you can easily manage your site, change any information, and so on. In addition, after we hand over the finished site to you, we provide training and show how to use everything built. You can always contact us and ask questions about the administration of your Webflow site or use our Webflow support services, in case you don`t want to manage a website and want to concentrate on business growth.
Are the Hallwil teams certified Webflow experts?

We are an official Webflow professional partner. You can visit our page on the Webflow portal, where we are listed, to learn more.

How can Hallwil help me build my website?
We are experts in building websites on the Webflow platform. We offer a wide range of services, from web design to all kinds of integrations. We also help our clients with rebranding and redesign, migration from WordPress or another CMS, and so on. We create e-commerce websites, portals of any size, personal blogs, SaaS applications, and much more. If you want to take full advantage of Webflow, hire an expert from Hallwil.
What if I no longer want to use Webflow in the future?
The site code is easily exportable, so you can migrate to another CMS if necessary. Our experts can also take on these tasks and save you time.
What do I need to provide in order for Hallwil to create my website on Webflow?
To start working on your site, we will ask you to fill out a brief and submit a technical assignment with detailed requirements for the final product. However, don't worry if you've never dealt with TA before – Hallwil experts will help you every step of the way, translating your wishes into the language of site specifications.
Why build my website on Webflow?

Webflow is a website builder where you can create e-commerce websites, landing pages, blogs, and anything else. Other builders also offer this, but in Webflow, you can code custom elements if necessary.

We can also highlight the following advantages of Webflow:

  • Flexibility. Designers are not limited to platform templates. We can implement more than 95% of our ideas using Webflow. For example, horizontal scroll. Other builders are not this flexible.
  • Direct integration with After Effects. With the After Effects plugin, we can make complex animations very simply. We just need to render an item through the plugin and drop it directly from the desktop into the editor.
  • Convenient work with classes. In Webflow, elements can be assigned to a class. In other website builders, you need to change each element separately: its size, font, and color.
  • Lots of integrations. Webflow also supports integration with many services, such as Shopify, Ecwid, and so on, which allows you to embed the functionality of a store, CRM system, SMS and email messaging tools, and much more.
What is the cost of Webflow?
It depends solely on the website requirements. Our experts will be able to tell you the approximate price range after we finalize the brief. It'll help you to plan your budget and expectations accordingly.
What does "no-code" mean?

As the term suggests, the no-code approach implies no coding or little coding to build a website or application and update and customize it. This means that business employees that don't have the necessary technical or coding knowledge can easily operate and adjust the app to reply to the constantly growing business needs.

How soon will my site be online?
As a rule, Webflow development takes from two to five weeks after the designs are done. After the site is ready and passes quality assurance, it is launched immediately.
Why create a Webflow website for my startup?

Webflow has many benefits, including the possibility of changing every pixel. This means that you can actually get a custom website for little money. To grab attention, a startup website needs to look fresh and stylish and not like the typical free templates. This can be achieved precisely with the creation of a site on Webflow.

In addition, this platform is SEO-friendly and allows you to connect any number of integrations and automation. In total, you will get a bright, functional, and understandable website with a simple dashboard and extensive design customization options.

How to get new customers with a professional website?
You need a website with a high conversion rate to get a steady customer flow. This is achieved through proper site design created in accordance with the sales funnel. Our experts will help you create a modern conversion site that will deliver real orders.
Are Webflow sites SEO-friendly?
Yes, Webflow follows standard coding practices that allow search engines to understand the pages' information straightforwardly. Webflow allows you to manage titles, headers, and canonical links. You can also update metadata and tags and configure automated sitemaps.
Why use a website design agency for my startup?

A modern and good-looking website is very important for any startup. The first thing a client or investor sees is your website. If it has a stylish design and displays your values and vision, that's a big plus for you. The beautiful design increases the business's credibility, which is especially important if your company is not well known.

Most companies don't have enough time and the right specialists to develop the site themselves. Their task as startups is to focus on their product development. In this case, you can turn to Hallwil experts who will offer you different design options for your future website and bring any of your ideas to life.

What is Webflow used for?
Webflow is a universal website builder that is used to create websites. Its functionality allows us to create stylish websites for customers working in various fields. Our clients include startups, B2B, B2C companies, etc. With Webflow, we create websites for organizations that work in a wide variety of fields, for example, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, SaaS, etc.
Is Webflow good for blogs?
Webflow is an absolutely universal website builder. In addition to sites that offer products or services, Webflow can also be used for blogs and information platforms. We can develop a website on Webflow with any structure, integrations, and arrangement of advertising blocks.
Will my site appear on my phone?
Yes. Webflow design is responsive. After determining the user's browsing device, the site adapts to the type of gadget. Thus, websites designed with Webflow can be viewed on smartphones or tablets with different screen sizes. Each pixel will remain clear and detailed.

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