Subscription-based Webflow Development for the Investment Product

London, UK

Project needs and challenges

The client came to us at the stage of active growth and scaling, when regular changes and improvements were required to be implemented quickly and efficiently. The main initial tasks were to add new features to the existing site. Next, to gradually improve particular functions, new pages, elements, and blocks.

Solution we offered

In this case, we were able to provide maximum benefit precisely thanks to the development subscription model. This approach gave the client continuous access to resources that covered all of their urgent tasks as they arose. A dedicated developer, QA and project manager worked on the project.

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Implementation details

This is a quite complex and impressive product, so many pages and additions to them were developed as part of the project so that as a result the site fulfills its marketing function in the best possible way.

It was critical for us to create easily editable content, responsive layouts, and custom functions. We keep our finger on the pulse to always respond promptly and clearly to changes and client requests.

Tools we used


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