UI/UX and Webflow Development for Fintech

Miami, USA
Project needs and challenges
Debbie is a fintech startup that allows its customers easily hook up and track their credit cards and spending accounts, earning rewards for hitting goals along their debt freedom journey. The client's goal was to get an effective marketing website that would perform the function of lead generation and brand community building.
Solution we offered
In this project, the final product was a corporate one-page website built on Webflow. Our work covered a full-cycle development process: website concept, UI/UX design, development with a couple of integrations, and QA.
Implementation details
The client provided us with a brand book that we had to guide when creating the concept and design of the website. We highlighted a unique startup idea with a spirited and pleasant design, and in turn, decided to add a stylish animation for a better user experience. The animation was created in After Effects and integrated into the Webflow website via Lottie.
Debbie's website was built as a one-pager, but over time, several more pages were added to the site to emphasize social proof and other goals, which expanded it and made it a full-fledged corporate site.
Tools we used
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