UI/UX Design and Web Development for the Media Company

Kyiv, Ukraine
Project needs and challenges
Kunsht is an engrossing science online media. The client`s goal was to create an online and offline exhibition Data CTRL Centre together with Goethe Institut in Ukraine and Tactical Tech in Berlin.
The main purpose of the exhibition was to inspire visitors to regain control over their data, cybersecurity, and newsfeed. For that purpose, the client had to create interactive games, tests, and quizzes and he hired us to accomplish that.
Solution we offered
We presented to our client a unique design concept and implementation plan for his brand-new product. The plan consisted of 9 online games with separate platforms for their management and maintenance. As a result, our perfectly designed digital games turned out to be the favorites of exhibition visitors. Also, the client needed WordPress support, which we deliver now constantly.
Implementation details
The first stage of the project was to design suitable UI and UX for better user involvement in the event. After that, we needed to migrate our Figma project to WordPress with the perfect layout and backend. We were providing constant technical support during the exhibition and also after it.
Tools we used
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