Webflow MVP and Professional Dashboard Development for the Real Estate Company

Berlin, Germany
Project needs and challenges
Ralph is a property management company in Germany aimed to deliver fast and individual service to their customers. The company didn`t have an opportunity to hire in-house experts to develop and maintain new website and dashboard for clients. Our goal was to match talents to the project and build a digital solution useful for every consumer and cost-effective for the company itself.
Solution we offered
We had several product strategic sessions where the perfect solution was considered and planned. To build a strong MVP website and client dashboard which were required, we decided to use Webflow. The dashboard should be user-friendly to watch the progress of the property issues and become a strong management instrument for business.
Implementation details
Our team rethought UX and developed a website from scratch using Webflow as an MVP. Also, we implemented several integrations which were crucial for our client and built a unique personalized dashboard afterward. For the second stage of the development, we build solutions to let Ralph`s clients manage their requests themself in their personal accounts on the dashboard.
A dedicated dream team consisted of 4 experts: a project manager, a product manager, a web developer, and a UI/UX designer. Our project manager was flexible in using communication and management tools suitable for the client and his team to show development results regularly and clearly.
Thanks to their trust and the delightful project results, we have been working together with Ralph consistently since our start in Nov 2021.
Tools we used
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