Full-cycle Website Development for Edtech

London, UK

Project needs and challenges

Somaa is an EdTech project that helps to develop in-demand skills with corporate learning solutions. The client came to us with a request to completely rethink the site concept and develop a new one from scratch. The main purpose of the website is marketing - to attract users and become a powerful tool in business development.

Solution we offered

We offered a strong LMS solution based on Webflow for the client's needs. It was important for us to pay attention to the user experience so that the process of using the website was as easy and efficient as possible. We have taken care of a refreshed interface and new features.

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Implementation details

Hallwil`s dedicated team created UI/UX design using Figma, implemented it using Webflow for the front-end, and connected the project to Wordpress on the back-end. The team was fully compacted with skilled experts: 2 UI/UX designers, a web developer, QA, and PM. 

Tools we used


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