E-commerce Automation Development for the Vinyl Store

London, United Kingdom
Vinyl box

Project needs and challenges

VinylBox is a subscription service for music lovers. The company lets consumers get some new vinyl albums to their doors every month and track walk-throughs for iconic albums in their personal boxes.

The client required a strong solution for reaching a higher conversion rate in the online store. It was also necessary to reduce order processing time to reach more efficiency for the business.

Solution we offered

The first part of the project was to develop a good-looking corporate website, especially for marketing goals. For the second part, we conceived an offer with the best improvements for ERP based on deep business analysis.

The solution included fulfillment software development: front- and backend automation services for an e-commerce order management system. And, of course, we aimed to provide a long-term technical solution to help our client scale up his business continually.

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Implementation details

For the first part of the work, we needed to improve the client`s digits of the main website conversion with the target of reaching 3%+ by summer 2022. Strong UI/UX was designed and implemented in order to close these marketing needs.

The second part was in migrating the order management process from spreadsheets and sticky tape to the working longer-term solution to automate the procedure in order to help the business scale. Among our tasks for a dashboard, there were to allow the user to choose which albums he orders each month, which albums he definitely does not want to be included in the subscription, to see the history of orders, etc. And it was crucial for the client to see these wishes updates and manage them easily (auto-assign).

We provided the client with daily stand-ups to be on the same page during the whole process. At the end of the project, we reduced their processing time by 80%, which was turned out more than satisfying for the client. It amounts to 100 business hours every month!

Tools we used


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