Custom CMS Development for a Deep Tech Company

London, UK

Project needs and challenges

Hallwil`s experts were hired to build a Webflow marketing website for a technology company from the UK. Zeps Tech's expertise lies in the creation of IoT devices and embedded software.

The client had a vision and certain business goals that he had framed for our team. There was a need for the website for pitching a new round of investment and for presenting the company`s services and products to potential customers.

Solution we offered

We comprehended that the new website should help the client to pitch and present their products and services to prospects in the best way. The final solution allowed Zeps Tech to see a steady increase in incoming leads. Their partners have found the website to be the perfect one.

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Implementation details

The client had a design in Figma, which we implemented and improved with animation later. The development part included the building of custom CMS collections for the website. The team was fully packed with tech specialists: web designer, Webflow developer, and QA.

We also provided the client with a dedicated project manager, who was managing the whole flow of the project. After we signed the contract and initial kick-off, the client`s PM presented a project schedule and a WBS. Every two weeks our team did a demo of the results of the work and we discussed the next steps of the process and tasks. We used a Jira board for this project, as usual, so everything was very transparent during the development.

Tools we used

After Effects

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