Why Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based SaS solution for online selling.
It comes as one of the most recommended e-commerce platforms today. The Economist, Budweiser, Penguin Books, — are just a few companies that use Shopify.
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It’s efficient, simple, and has rich features to offer. Here are the benefits of choosing Shopify for your business.
Visually appealing

Shopify has a variety of professional templates that designers can work with to come up with decent UI and UX.


When it comes to online business with customers’ confidential data, the importance of this aspect can’t be stressed enough. Shopify has proven to be reliable in this regard.

Easy for payment integration

The platform supports the Stripe payment option which means that your buyers won’t pay any transaction fees.

With powerful marketing tools

They include basic SEO features as well as more advanced e-commerce analytics. On top of that, Shopify offers custom gift cards, store statistics, targeted email marketing, etc.  

Shopify emerged in 2004 and has since earned its reputation as a top-rated e-commerce platform.

Store owners can sell their goods across numerous marketplaces as well as social channels.

The platform is good for both newbies and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and scale. For this purpose, there is Shopify Plus, an enterprise-level solution.

What we do

From our experience, Shopify is indeed a popular
solution among business owners.
Here are the services we offer:
WordPress theme development: customizing the existing themes according to the client’s needs.
Custom website development from scratch using WordPress solutions.
WordPress website maintenance.
SEO-optimization for existing shops

If you’re considering launching an online store using Shopify or migrating to this platform,

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements

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