How Much Responsive Web Design and Development Cost?

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Wondering what is the average cost of a mobile website, why do have a mobile adaptation, and what are the major advantages of such a tool for your firm? Well, this new article about responsive web design and development cost was created by a Hallwil team especially for you!

What is a Mobile Website and Responsive Design?

A mobile website or mobile-friendly site is a webpage simply optimized and modernized for a better UI/UX experience for the users of smartphones and tablets. So, the answer lies on the surface of your screen: a simple site must be changed into an adaptive (complex) version.

Notice: not mobile-friendly websites are doomed to fail and spoil the users' experience with your business, services, and brand exclusively because it looks awful on mobile devices.

And mobile responsive design is the procedure of making a website that adjusts to the screen size it’s viewed on.

Desktop vs. Mobile

Desktop browsers have plenty more room for several columns and wider content, but mobile browsers do not obtain such an option. A responsive Web design sees the device and replaces a single column for mobile users.

The vast of websites of small companies are not optimized

About 87% of small companies do not have mobile-friendly website optimization. Do you get in this scope? It’s time to change it and get the simple site updated.

Example of Responsive Design Website

Hallwil has a cool mobile version of a website. Take a look at the screenshots below.


It is something, right? Our team is specialized in creating digital solutions for companies and brands all over the world, that’s why a simple site for us is not an option. If you are already willing to know how much a mobile webpage costs, you can contact us already, and we will make a personal consultation for you on how to build your project.

The aim of our team is to innovate, create and develop websites based on WordPress and Webflow.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Mobile Website

People are using mobile more often

In 2020, it was estimated that about two-thirds of all people sitting on the net, which is about 4.4 billion people, visit a website from a smartphone or tablet.

Customers from small devices behave differently

Mobile users aren’t operating their phones to hunker down for a long time to write analysis papers. They are probably using them for a few seconds at once while they are staying in line at the coffee shop, store, or supermarket. So, the devices are used more frequently but with short rounds.

The vast of traffic is from a website

Let’s be honest, desktop computers are no more soaring off store shelves as they used to in the beginning.

Mobile devices now take over the place for more than half of all e-commerce flow. The new age has come!

In the first quarter of 2021, 54.8% of internet site traffic was from a smartphone all over the world.

At this rate, the next generation of clients might not ever see a classic desktop website due to they won’t even have a computer! This means you should think about dedicating the work on the website for mobiles.

Creating a mobile version of a landing page is something

However, it takes a struggle to bring it up and running, a mobile-optimized website is a practical thing because it permits you to target messages to suit people who are living actively.

Visitors don’t need wordy information, credentials to all your previous press releases, reviews, or a lengthy background for a decade of your work. Shortly, catchy is all that is needed.

What should you consider when hiring a Mobile Website developer?

Think of the next things:

  • The level of experience and which tools are used;
  • Is it reasonable to pay a stated cost, or you should look for more executioners;
  • Is this a team or a one-man-band;
  • What are the previous works, cases, and reviews;
  • Does a developer have what is needed: a fresh look, stay in touch with trends, nice communication skills, responsibility, etc.

The average cost of a mobile website

If you know how much a mobile website costs, you won’t get overpaid. The mighty Google will say that the middle cost of a mobile website is about $5000. But it’s like asking how much a smartphone costs. There are too many of them to give one price, that’s what prepared.

You ask yourself and the company the following questions:

  • How costly does a mobile website may be if you want a Landing Page;
  • What is the extra price for each extra page;
  • What plugins should be installed;
  • What kind of website do you want to have: Card, Landing Page, Personal, Corporate, Internet shop, Catalog.

We can help you estimate the cost of your project

Webflow benefits for mobile sites

Our teams decided to use Webflow for mobile site creation. We, at Hallwil, have already made a lot of adaptive sites for different industries and clients. We are taking each request personally and doing our best to make the best product. But why did we choose Webflow as the main tool?



  • Here is the bottom line. We spoke regarding the meaning of a mobile website (shortly, it’s a mobile-friendly version of a website to increase conversion from tablets and smartphones;
  • We outlined the main difference between desktop and mobile (it’s more about UX/UI design);
  • We described four main benefits of responsive design;
  • And mention five things you should think regarding before buying a mobile website;
  • the average cost of a mobile website is around $5000, but a lot depends on your request;
  • Webflow is a great tool to make MVP because it has good visual editing, no coding is needed, and security and SEO are cool.

Contact Hallwil and its mobile website developers to get a great solution for your business by attracting mobile users! Explore our mobile website pricing packages.


How much does a website cost for a small business?
How much does a website cost for a small business?

The average cost of a website for a small business is around $5000. Still, the final price mostly depends on your needs and technical requirements.

How much should I pay someone to make me a website?
How much should I pay someone to make me a website?

The amount depends on various factors: the complexity of the website, the urgency of the request, technical features, and, of course, the rate of the contractor whom you’ve hired.

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